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At Automatic System, we have extensive experience and expertise and use the most advanced technologies available in the industrial automation and robotics industry.

Our industrial automation systems conform to the highest quality standards, and we are committed to providing the highest quality design, manufacturing and technical service. We have been working in the industrial automation industry for more than 35 years and have developed more than 2000 projects: this makes us a secure and reliable partner for your business.

Our customers rely on us for assembly machines, robots, testing activities and technical assistance.

We help manufacturing companies to replace workers performing routine repetitive tasks with industrial automated systems, special purpose machines and robots that enable businesses to lower production costs and speed up production in total safety, as well as to improve product quality through our quality control systems. We supply products and services at the right price, ensuring appropriate technical assistance and supporting you in setting up a preventive or extraordinary maintenance plan for your plants and machineries. We also provide you with tele-assistance services for the remote monitoring of your automated production lines.
Our corporate structure is our strength. We are always there for our customers as we always aim at building trust with our customers, we strive to care for and to meet all customers’ needs with the utmost seriousness and demonstrated competence.

We are a reference point in the industrial automation market

Our projects are planned, designed, processed and built by our staff, from the mechanical design to the plant management software engineering. All automations are subjected to internal testing, which may be conducted together with the customer’s technical personnel, who can be given instructions and training at this stage.

After assessment of the various production process issues of the customer, we advise on the best technical and money-saving solution for automated production lines with rotary table machines, linear multi-station transfer machines or semi-automatic machines, always with the aim of meeting the different production needs of our customers.

Customer Service

At Automatic System, we develop the best solution for industrial automation in your company

Maximize the efficiency of your industrial automation systems!
We provide you with a fast, efficient, scheduled after-sales service.
Thanks to our tele-assistance service, we can remotely monitor your plant and machinery. Contact us to arrange planned maintenance and extraordinary maintenance of your special machines or for more information. Or, even better, come and visit us at our headquarters in Lurago D’Erba near Como, Italy.