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Assembly Machines

Assembly machines

At Automatic System we design and manufacture rotary table assembly machines or linear pallet systems (free pallet system) integrated with robotized islands and other equipment such as presses, riveting machines or screwing machines.

Quality Monitoring System

Quality monitoring system

The inspection and test equipment for industrial quality assurance is of the utmost importance in the production chain of an industrial automation system.

Industrial Robotic Systems And Robotized Islands

Industrial robotic systems and robotized islands

Automatic System collaborates with some of the most important industrial robotics companies. We can provide you with robotic assembly machines, robotized islands and integrated robotic systems.

Machine Vision System

Machine vision system

We integrate industrial robot-assisted vision systems for the parts handling and loading.



We manufacture loading and unloading palletizers with cartesian palletizing systems or robot-assisted systems.

Additional Services And Products

Additional services and products

We also provide additional services such as maintenance, repairs, design and development of special purpose machines, as well as a wide range of accessories and components specifically developed to meet the needs of our customers.

We are the perfect business partner for you as we have been providing product development, design and manufacturing services as well as post sales assistance for industrial automation systems

since 1979

With more than 35 years of experience and 2000 projects completed we are an industry leader and a key reference point in the industrial automation market, thus making Automatic System the ideal business partner for your company.

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the best business partner for your company

Our company supplies complete automation systems by using the most advanced technologies available on the market. We maintain high standards of excellence in order to guarantee high-quality products.


Automatic System has adopted a business process standardization that facilitates the whole process, from the customer’s request for quotation till delivery of the products to the end customer. With few, clear steps we ensure quality, efficiency, effectiveness, transparency.


We work in the industrial automation field with the goal of optimizing and streamlining production processes and reducing inefficiencies by building pneumatic devices into our systems and using the poka-yoke techniques.

We develop the best solutions for the industrial automation
of your company

Maximize the efficiency of your industrial automation systems! We provide you with a fast, efficient, scheduled after-sales service. Thanks to our tele-assistance service, we can remotely monitor your plant and machinery. Contact us to arrange planned maintenance and extraordinary maintenance or for more information. Or, even better, do come and visit us at our headquarters in Lurago D’Erba near Como (Italy).